Life Group List


The Life Groups at Ignite Church have started! 

Ignite's semester schedule is January-March, May-July, and September-November with the break during the months of April, August, and December.

Please look at the list below for a group that you want to get connected to. The group contact's information is there for you to use to get in touch with the leader. 

Anyone Groups

Leaders: Nathan & Paige Engels (Childcare provided)
Hosts: Steve & Chris Nelson
Day/Time: Sunday at 4:30pm
Contact Nathan & Paige:

Leaders: Tom & Carol Hedberg
Hosts: Jon & Nicole Jacobson
Day/Time: Tuesday at 6:30pm
Contact Tom: 218.536.0640

Leaders: Micah & Tressa Bengtson
Hosts: Chase & Ashtyn Selcer
Day/Time: Tuesday at 7:00pm
Contact Micah: 218.843.1464

Leaders: Wyatt Brandt & Walker Brandt
Host: Wyatt Brandt
Day/Time: Wednesday at 6:30pm
Contact Wyatt: 701.226.5046

Leaders: Mark & Liz Tangquist (Family-integrated group)
Host: Spirit USA TaeKwonDo (Moorhead)
Day/Time: Wednesday at 6:30pm
Contact Mark: 701.730.1259

Leaders: Joe & Taylor Manoles
Host: Eric Nephew
Day/Time: Thursday at 7:00pm
Contact Joe: 952.564.5796

Men's Groups

Leader: Jared Brooks
Host: Ryan Silbernagel
Day/Time: Tuesday at 6:30pm
Contact Jared: 701.739.3336

Leaders: Adam Nesvold & Tim Bertsch
Host: Adam Nesvold
Day/Time: Wednesday at 6:30pm
Contact Adam: 701.306.1599

Women's Groups

Leaders: Julie Anderson & Norma Maxwell
Host: Jessie Larson
Day/Time: Monday at 6:30pm
Contact Julie:

Leaders: Jackie Reyerson & Gayle Grafsgaard
Host: Liz Bertsch
Day/Time: Wednesday at 6:30pm
Contact Jackie: 701.388.7110